Conference Programme
Thursday 15th October 2015
Time Presentation Authors
8.00 – 8.45 Welcome and participants registration
8.45 Opening of the 2nd International Conference on Stuttering – with Tiziana Rossetto (FLI President) and Michčle Kaufmann-Meyer (CPLOL President)
Session 1: Etiology and features of stuttering
Chair: Prof Ehud Yairi
9-9.45 Keynote Presentation
Finding genes that cause stuttering
Dennis Drayna
National Institute on Deafness and other Communication Disorders - USA
9.45-10.30 Keynote Presentation
On brain processes and stuttering
Martin Sommer
University of Göttingen, Germany
10.30-10.45 Transcranial magnetic stimulation to evaluate tongue motor representations in adults with persistent developmental stuttering Pierpaolo Busan1, Giovanni Del Ben1, Fabrizio Monti2, Simona Bernardini3, Giulia Natarelli4, Piero Paolo Battaglini1
1 B.R.A.I.N. Centre for Neuroscience, Department of Life Sciences, University of Trieste, Italy; 2Department of Medical, Surgical and Health Sciences, University of Trieste, Italy; 3 ABC Balbuzie®Turin, Italy; 4School of Psychology, University of Padua, Italy
10.45-11 Discussion
11-11.25 Coffee break
Session 2: Comorbidity
Chair: Dr. Michčle Kaufmann-Meyer
11.25-12.10 Keynote Presentation
A Multifactorial Neurodevelopmental Approach to Stuttering I: Language and Motor Factors
Anne Smith
Purdue University - USA
12.10-12.40 Keynote Presentation
Stuttering and Reading Disorders: New Perspectives
Claudio Vio1, Biancamaria Venuti2
1University of Padua; University of Trieste, Italy; 2CRC Balbuzie, Italy
12.40-12.55 Discussion
12.55-13.40 Lunch time
Session 3: Assessment
Chair: Prof Oskar Schindler
13.40-14.25 Keynote Presentation
The Croatia Protocol for Clinical Trials of Stuttering
Mark Onslow
University of Sydney, Australia
14.25-15.10 Keynote Presentation
Evaluating stuttering from the speaker’s perspective
Scott Yaruss
University of Pittsburgh, USA
15.10-15.25 Discussion
15.25-15.50 Coffee break
Session 4: The client and the treatment
Chair: Dr Sharon Millard
15.50-16.05 Narratives as evidence: why clinicians must hear the voices of people who stutter Harsha Kathard
University of Cape Town – South Africa
16.05-16.20 Safety behaviors and stuttering Robyn Lowe, Fjola Helgadottir, Ross Menzies, Susan O’Brian, Ann Packman, Mark Onslow
University of Sydney, Australia
16.20-16.50 Keynote Presentation
Clients’ demands and clinicians’ capacities: can we meet?
Suzana Jelcic-Jakšic
Children's Hospital Zagreb, Croatia
16.50-17 Discussion
17.00-18.30 Workshop 1
The use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Jane Harley
The Michael Palin Center, London, UK
Friday 16th October 2015
Time Presentation Authors
Session 5: The social and structural frame
Chair: Dr Elaine Kelman
8.45-9.15 Keynote Presentation
Attitudes of non-stuttering Children and Youth Toward Stuttering: What We Know and What We Need to Learn
Kenneth O. St. Louis
West Virginia University, USA
9.15-9.30 Inquiry on Stuttering in Italy to date: characteristics of the public service (as to university education and health care) and characteristics of the logopedic practice Marianna Stella°, Carla Lazzari #, Pasqualina Andretta °, Federica Chiari°, Fabio Ferretti #, Claudio Zmarich^
° University of Padua (I); # University of Siena (I) ^ CNRISTC & University of Padua (I)
Session 6: Onset, recovery, persistence and assessment
Chair: Prof David Shapiro
9.30-9.45 Verbal fluency, lexical production and socio-economic characteristics in a sample of 24-months old children with a family history of stuttering, in relation to possible stuttering onset and final recovery or persistence Cinzia Quartarone #, Simona Bernardini^, Sabrina Bonichini #, Giulia Natarelli #, Caterina Pisciotta*, Claudio Zmarich°
#University of Padua (I), ^ABC Balbuzie®-Turin (I), *Centro Medico di Foniatria-Padova & A.I.BA.COM Onlus (I), °CNR-ISTC & University of Padua (I)
9.45-10 Awareness and anxiety among preschool children who stutter (CWS) Ruth Ezrati-Vinacour1, Keren Mamistvalove-Amir1, Daniela Lobel3, Nitza Katz-Bernstein12
1The Department of Communication Disorders, Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, Israel; 2The Department of Speech and Communication, Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences, TU Dortmund University, Germany; 3Clalit Health Services, Israel
10-10.30 Keynote Presentation
A Multifactorial Neurodevelopmental Approach to Stuttering II: Pathways to Persistence and Recovery
Anne Smith
Purdue University – USA
10.30-11.15 Keynote Presentation
Differential diagnosis of early childhood stuttering and other unusual disfluency patterns
Carol H. Seery
University of Wisconsin – USA
11.15-11.40 Coffee break
11.40-12.25 Keynote Presentation
Assessment of bilingual children who stutter: Lessons learned from non-stuttering bilingual children
Rosalee C. Shenker
McGill University, Montreal Fluency Center, Quebec, Canada
12.25-12.45 Discussion (sessions 5 and 6)
12.45-13.30 Lunch time (and parallel poster session)
Session 7: Treating pre-school age children who stutter
Chair: Prof Carol Seery
13.30-14.20 Round Table 1
Success in pre-school age therapy
Discussants: Mark Onslow1, Sharon Millard2, Marie-Christine Franken3, Donatella Tomaiuoli4
1University of Sydney, Australia; 2The Michael Palin Center, London, UK; 3ErasmusUniversity, Rotterdam NL,4Sapienza Universitŕ di Roma, Universitŕ di Roma, Tor Vergata, CRC Balbuzie - Italy
14.20-14.35 Discussion
Session 8: Treating children who stutter
Chair: Dr Anna Giulia De Cagno
14.35-14.50 Relation between stuttering and anxiety disorders in Italian children and adolescents who stutter S. Bernardini1, L. Cocco1, C. Zmarich2, M. Di Pietro3, G. Natarelli4, M. Ghisi5
1ABC Balbuzie® Turin; 2National Research Council - ISTC, Padua; 3ITC, Padua;, Italy; 4School of Psychology, University of Padua; 5Department of General Psychology, University of Padua - Italy
14.50-15.05 Effectiveness of the Classroom Communication Resource in improving primary school learners’ attitudes towards children who stutter: a pilot intervention study to inform the feasibility and procedural aspects of a Randomised Control Trial Freda Walters, Rizwana Badroodien, Vivienne Norman, Harsha Kathard
University of Cape Town – South Africa
15.05-15.20 ABC Balbuzie®: an effective integrated flexible approach to stuttering focusing on school age children and their families. Luisella Cocco, Monica Anisio, Simona Bernardini
ABC Balbuzie® Turin, Italy
15.20-15.50 Keynote Presentation
Issues to consider when working with school-aged children who stutter
Susan Block
La Trobe University – Melbourne, Australia
15.50-16.20 Keynote Presentation
A common factors approach to treating childhood stuttering
Ellen Kelly
Vanderbilt University Medical Center, USA
16.20-16.35 Discussion
16.35-17 Coffee break
17-18.30 Workshop 2
Overview of the Lidcombe Program
Brenda Carey
La Trobe University – Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 17th October 2015
Time Presentation Authors
Session 9: Psychology and wellness of the person who stutters
Chair: Prof J. Scott Yaruss
8.45-9.30 Keynote Presentation
The psychosocial impact of stuttering
Jan McAllister
University of East Anglia, UK
9.30-10.20 Round Table 2:
Psychological aspects of stuttering
Discussants: Jane Harley1, SuzanaJelcic-Jakšic2, Ellen Kelly3, Simona Bernardini4, Roberta Castiglione5
1The Michael Palin Center, London UK; 2Children's Hospital Zagreb, Croatia; 3Vanderbilt University Medical Center, USA; 4ABC Balbuzie®, 5CRC Balbuzie
10.20-10.35 Discussion
10.35-11 Coffee break
Session 10: Treating young and adults who stutter
Chair: Prof Kenneth O. St Louis
11-11.15 Prolonged speech intensive treatment model for adults who stutter: a students’ training delivery Dobrinka Georgieva, Maya Tcholakova, Rositsa Stoilova
Faculty of Public Health and SportsSouth-West University “Neofit Rilski” Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria
11.15-11.30 The rational-emotive education in the speech therapy of stuttering Anna Accornero, Mara Angelini
University of Turin, Italy
11.30-12 Keynote Presentation
Overview of the Camperdown Program
Mark Onslow
University of Sydney, Australia
12-12.30 Keynote Presentation
Stuttering and web-radio: a new art-mediated activity
Donatella Tomaiuoli*
(and Beppe De Marco# e Francesco Cavuoto#)

*Sapienza Universitŕ di Roma, Universitŕ di Roma, Tor Vergata,CRC Balbuzie
#Radio Dimensione Suono
12.30-12.45 Discussion
12.45-12.50 Best Graduation Thesis Award
12.50-13.30 Lunch time
13.30-15 Workshop 3
Stuttering: For better or worse – Use creativity, choose 'for better'!
Joseph G. Agius
University of Malta
Session 11: Final thoughts
Chair: Dr Donatella Tomaiuoli
15-15.30 Keynote Presentation
What’s the real goal of stuttering treatment?
Scott Yaruss
University of Pittsburgh, USA Keynote conclusive Address
Future research and treatment of stuttering: Global perspectives
Ehud Yairi
University of Illinois - USA; University of Tel Aviv - Israel
16.15-16.45 Conference final remarks all the keynote speakers
16.45-17 End of 2nd International Conference on Stuttering
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