2021 Edition

Since its establishment in 2012, the conference has become a appointment capable of bringing together leading experts from universities and the most advanced research and treatment centers around the world, with the goal of Outline the state of the art of advances in clinical and research on verbal fluency disorders, benefiting both the scientific community Than national and international clinical.

In 2021, the Scientific Committee – composed of the Professor Donatella Tomaiuoli, Professor Emeritus Ehud Yairi and the Professor Mark Onslow – welcomed another member: Professor Kurt Eggers, whose expertise played a crucial role in defining the Of the three-day conference program.

The pandemic represented a real point of turning point that led to the choice, for the first time since its founding, of Propose the conference only in virtual mode.

The topics covered during the fourth edition ranged from the Status of research on the etiology of stuttering, to diagnosis and assessment of stuttering for preschool and adult children, to the early diagnosis, to the effectiveness of different approaches and modalities of treatment.

The more than 200 delegates had the pleasure of attending the highly educational lectures by some of our historic keynotes, along with New professionals valued worldwide for accuracy Science of their contributions. In addition, at the end of each day they have participated in one-hour workshops on some of the Innovative and functional treatment programs for children who stutter: Mini-KIDS, PLAY! and Lexipontix.

Several organizations have offered their patronage: The Stuttering Foundation of America, The European Speech and Language Therapy Association, The Polytechnic University of Milan, the European Clinical Specialization in Fluency Disorders and the European Fluency Specialists.

Finally, the conference had the pleasure of welcoming some special guests: Norma Camilleri, president of ESLA, Dr. Tiziana Rossetto, President of FLI and Franca Garzotto, Director of I3lab.

Finally, Jane Fraser herself, president of Stuttering Foundation of America, co-sponsor of the conference, honored the participants with an exceptional presentation that can showcase the incredible efforts accomplished with its prestigious institution to promote research, bring awareness and support researchers and specialists in the field of stuttering.