Our Mission

The International Conference on Stuttering is the largest conference in Italy entirely dedicated to stuttering that brings together leading experts from universities and the most advanced research and treatment centers around the world, in a refined and meticulous context details.
Borned in 2012, every three years, the Conference aims to outline the state of the art of the progress made in the clinical and research fields on disorders of verbal fluency.
The International Conference on Stuttering boasts a highly prestigious international scientific committee, composed by:
  • Prof. Mark Onslow (Australian Stuttering Research Centre, University of Technology Sydney)
  • Prof. Donatella Tomaiuoli(La Sapienza – Università di Roma & Università di Roma Tor Vergata)
  • Prof. Kurt Eggers(Thomas More UC Belgium & Turku U Finland)
  • Coming Soon
The topics addressed, in the context of the conference, range from the progress of research on the etiology of stuttering, to the diagnosis and assessment of stuttering for pre-schoolers and adults, to early diagnosis, to the effectiveness of different approaches and different methods of treatment.
An important space is reserved for social events which, to crown each day of the Conference, aim to discover the Territory and its beauties and to encourage exchanges between keynote speakers, presenters, and participants from which often lead to fruitful collaborations.

Our Vision

The international Conference on Stuttering wants to be one of the world reference events for specialists wishing to update their skills and for students interested in learning and acting in this area.
The Conference aims to:

  • present the latest developments in international research on the assessment and treatment of stuttering.
  • disseminate knowledge on the assessment and treatment of stuttering and promote scientific debate.
  • promote collaboration between international scholars, encouraging new research in the sector.

I.C.O.S. Scientific Committee

Kurt Eggers

Ghent U & Thomas More, Belgium

Kurt Eggers is a professor at Ghent University, Thomas More and the University of Turku. He is president of EU Stuttering Specialization, president of the World Stuttering and Cluttering Organization, secretary of Certified EU Stuttering Specialists and associate editor for JFD. Kurt has worked clinically for many years and his research focuses on temperament, attention, and executive functioning in stuttering and speech disfluencies in different populations.

Bridget Walsh

Michigan State University

Mark Onslow

University of Technology Sydney

He is the foundation Director of the Australian Stuttering Research Centre at The University of Sydney.

His background is in speech pathology, his research interests are epidemiology of early stuttering, mental health and stuttering, measurement of stuttering, and clinical trials for the disorder.

Donatella Tomaiuoli

Sapienza Università di Roma

Speech therapist and Psychopedagogist, is an expert in the treatment of Language Disorders.

Specialized in the assessment and treatment of stuttering, she developed and adopted a specific integrated program (MIDA-SP).

She is the Director of the C.R.C. Balbuzie of Rome, senior Lecturer at Sapienza University of Rome and at Tor Vergata University of Rome.